Karatgold Coin: A Hybrid of Gold and Cryptocurrency

What is a Karatgold Coin and what benefits do you get when you invest in this digital currency? Karatgold Coins is a digital currency based on a blockchain. In the introductory phase, you can purchase tokens in the public direct sale and then trade on the usual cryptomarkets after the ICO has ended.

Karatgold Coin: The modern alternative to gold and Ethereum

Gold is a popular and secure investment that can beyond that be exchanged for cash or used for payment at any time. In the course of digitisation, there is a new possibility if you decide to invest in gold and do not want to forgo the advantages of a cryptocurrency. The Karatgold Coin combines both components and is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that follows the gold rate. Read the full article on

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A new face at Karatbars

One of the positive parts about working in our industry is the daily opportunity to meet interesting and unusual people.  Just as in the private sphere, during that first meeting, our human reflexes allow us to determine whether we find the other person to be likable, whether they inspire confidence in us, or, as the truism advises, whether we would be willing purchase a used car from them.

Innovations for good times and not so good times

There‘s a feeling of security that comes from storing up gold, for instance in a custodial account or in grandmother‘s teak chest. However, when it is „locked away“ in this manner it cannot demonstrate its essential yet previously untapped advantages as a means of exchange. Of course, commercial gold would require smarter modifications that are finely adjusted.

Suddenly there were no more problems!

„Don’t make things worse than they are”, growled the creative director of a major Frankfurt agency at me at the beginning of my bumpy marketing career, when I once again described a problem too dramatically in my concept design, and expanded the solution to the problem in my very clever plan. „People know perfectly well what problems they have. What they want from us is solutions!”

How Gold may leverage your financial freedom

Gold – The History: The very distinctive colour and shine of gold already fascinated our ancestors. The precious metal made its first appearance 6,000 years ago. It decorated sovereigns and their buildings and was also used for religious objects. It is one of the first mined metals, and people have worked with it and valued it ever since.


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Dan Girolmo

His friends called him “Boomer“. And the term “boom“ is what Dan Girolmo’s life was all about. He was a very successful businessman all of his life. Boomer was taken from his beautiful wife and his Karatbars family so tragically and suddenly at the end of 2015. Up to the day he died, at the age of 55and financially secure, he didn’t have to keep working, but he still did. And not only that, he is actually “topping it all” and experiencing his biggest success yet – “golden” success with Karatbars.

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Alej Mulej

A sales partner that works the “classic” way and mostly with “warm” contacts. But also one who had a vision and is making it reality with a clear focus, hard work, and a strong will that does not tolerate detours. One who steps on the gas, seizes the moment – but still has enough patience and enduranceto know that success doesn’t happen overnight. Today, Alej Mulej is enjoying his success and continuing to foster it with his Team and his partners.

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Peter Heissig

He has been a distribution partner since 1982, so he’s an “old hand” at network marketing. And now, just a few short months after joining Karatbars Austria, his team already consists of over 1,000 partners, and that number keeps on growing. This is the very thing that fascinates the 50-year old Vienna native, aside from “gold” and “reliable security and financial freedom for all”: the duplication effect.